1. Who started this new organisation and who else of substance is supporting it?

The MTA was formed by members in the Motor Industry who felt that belonging to current organisations did not add value for the fees that are currently paid. It is a new organisation, however we have received many applications already and are busy setting up a call centre to handle member queries. We have large dealerships, fuel stations, franchise workshops motor body repairers and auto electrical businesses that have joined.

2. What is the yearly membership fee?

Joining / Registration fee R1000.

The annual Membership fee is R4000.00 once off or R400.00 per month via debit order x 12 months.

3. Will MTA assist with hearings and if yes will there any additional charges?

We have engaged expert legal labour services who will oversee our national labour support services. Telephonic and email support will be free, however a very competitive fee will be charged for consultations.

4. Offering another option in the motor industry is a bold move and a welcome one at that. However it would be helpful if much more information regarding your fees and what you offer as opposed to say MIBCO is provided. Will you have a provident/pension fund on offer that is affordable both to the employee and employer?

Many people are mistaken that your business has to belong to a employers body in order for you to belong to MIBCO. This is not true and no matter which body you choose to belong to, it does not affect your staff pensions or provident funds, medical aid etc.

MTA will be applying to the registrar for employer organization status and thereafter intends on having representation at MIBCO as well.

5. The application document which accompanied the email makes reference to the constitution and the rules of the organisation. As a potential member / applicant, is it possible to be provided with the appropriate detail for review and consideration before committing and signing the application form?

Members are urged to peruse the constitution and the application forms. It would be best for members to attend the AGM’s to get first hand knowledge of what the new organisation is all about.

6. How does MTA differ to MIBCO?

MIBCO is the bargaining council at which employer bodies such as MTA and trade unions would become parties of the negotiate wage rates and increases. This happens once every three years in the Motor Industry.

7. Do you also assist the members with the Consumer Protection Act?

We will assist members with all new and current legislation affecting the motor industry. If we do not have the expertise then we will outsource those functions. The CPA is something we currently have a fair knowledge of and can assist members.